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Do you have some photos that you really like, but realize that there is just something missing? Could those photos be perfected? I have been offering portfolio reviews in person and remotely for the past two decades, and I absolutely love sharing my technical and artistic knowledge with you. 

All you need to do is email me up to five photos that you feel could be improved, and I will help you with mastering the specific photography workflow to better your own photography. Check out some of the portfolio review examples below to get a sense of what your session will look like. 

STEP #1: Email me up to five of your photos. The image format doesn’t matter, however JPEG is easier for emailing. My email address is, and please include the term “portfolio review” in the subject line.

STEP #2: Tell me which editing app you would like me to record your session with: Lightroom CC 2018 Desktop version -OR- Lightroom CC 2018 Mobile version. If you do not have a preference between the two, I will choose the desktop version.

STEP #3: Please tell me if you would like me to promote your photography on my social media channels. If yes, please send me your social and/or website links and I will promote your review. If you would like your review to be private, no problem! I will give you a password protected link so only you can view your portfolio review.

STEP #4: I will record myself talking about your photo, offering you my suggestions. For maximum learning potential, after the session I’ll email you my changes so you can compare your edits and my edits side by side. 

STEP #5: I will send you an invoice that you can pay either by credit card or PayPal. 

COST: For 2019 I am offering a discounted portfolio review fee of $49 USD currency.  

I have added a few samples of the portfolio review below, however if you would like to see all of them to help you with your photography, please subscribe to my Portfolio Review YouTube playlist:
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