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Photograph at night with the full moon! Photo tips for successful night photos.
Written by Mark Hemmings on November 27, 2018
During the next full moon get out your tripod! 

A full moon offers a surprising amount of light. All you need is a subject that you want illuminated, a tripod, and the ability to focus your lens manually. Here are some pointers:

1. Set your camera to Aperture Priority (Av or A).

2. Set your aperture f-stop number to . . .
Adobe Lightroom CC's greatest feature in my opinion: "Non-destructive editing".
Written by Mark Hemmings on November 26, 2018
Have you ever heard of the term "non-destructive editing"? 

A simplified explanation is that when you make an editing change to your photo, whether it be color balance, saturation, or anything else, you can always safely go back to your original unedited photo.

Two of the most well-known editing apps that make use of non-destructive editing (henceforth called 'NDE') is . . .
Feeling Blue? How adding blue radically enhances your city night photography.
Written by Mark Hemmings on November 16th 2018
When you're photographing at night within a city, you may find that that your photos color balance isn't very dramatic. This lack of color drama is often caused by ugly city lights that contain either sodium or mercury. 

But there's a brilliant solution that is incredibly quick and easy . . . 
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